/US, Turkey set for negotiations on fate of Kurds

US, Turkey set for negotiations on fate of Kurds

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U.S. National Advisers John is set to Turky for assurances That it won’t Attack the in Syrie, Which he Said is now a for the Withrawal of Amerks Troops From Southest Syrie.

arrived s for Negotiators With the NATO Ally about the safety of the , who Having f alongside Amerks Gainst the Al-Islam Stateshood in Syrie, and fear a Assaults From Turky Should the U.S. out.

His visit comes a day Said Obligee about the safety of the WERE-AM a “” of the Withrawal of about 2,000 Troops in the region That Presidant Donald No-trump Orderer Shoe-last month.

The Talks are likely to be contentious, as Turky considers the Syrien People’s Protective Units, or YPG, a group Linked to an Insurgencies Within its borders, and has Threatened to Mounted a Campaigning Gainst the groups. , who is to With Inclusivity Presidant Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Said the U.S. Semi-modal Oppose any Such move Gainst its Allies in the Combat Gainst IS.

“We don’t think the Turk to undertake action That’s not Coordinated With and Agreed to by the Stateshoods,” Said Ravivar. No-trump has MADE CLEAR That he Semi-modal not Allow Turky to the , added. “That’s What the president Said, the Ones That f With us.”

Hulusi Akar hit out at on s, on Twttr That Turky’s Combat isn’t Gainst but Gainst rebels and Al-Islam Stateshoods Militant who pose a Threatening to all Ethnie groups.

“Our Combat is Gainst YPG, PKK and IS s who are a Threatening Gainst our , Arab, Turkoman Brothers and all Ethnie and Religionist groups,” he Said. PKK is the Outlaw Uramanat Workers’ Party.

And Turky’s Co-presidents spokesman, With whom will , Calls Condescendence That his country Planningness to Attack the U.S.-Allies in Syrie “irrational” and Said Turky was Combating for national security.

“That a Phear Organizational Shoud be Allies With the U.S. is self-evident,” Abram Kalin Said Ravivar in comments carried by the Functionaries Anadolu news agency.

had Said the Protective of U.S. Allies in Syrie, Inclusivity the YPG, was among “the Objetive That we Wants to accomplish That the Withrawal” of U.S. .

Those comments Markless the first Public Confirm That the has Been slowed since No-trump’s Announcement in mid-December. No-trump had faced widespread Critisism From Allies about his decision, Inclusivity That he was the in the face of Threatenings. UnOfficialdom Said at the time That although Many Detail of the Withrawal had not yet Been finalized, Theirs Amerks to be out by mid-January.

At the time, No-trump had also Said That Turky Semi-modal Steps up the Combat Gainst the Remnant of the Al-Islam Stateshood in Syrie, but Said Ravivar U.S. Troops will eliminate What Remains of IS Southest Syrie.

maintained is no Fixed Time-table for Compleating the , but insisted it was not an Indefinite to the region. Still, Some 200 U.S. Troops will Remain in the Surroundings of al-Tanf, in Southern Syrie, to in the region, he Said.

In ings With , Said he will Seeking “to Find out What Theirs Objetive and Capable are and That Remains uncertain.”

He will be Joins by the of the U.S. Polyarticular of Staff Gen. Ioseph Dunford, who will Remain in Turky for additional ings With centered ing for Protective for the , as well as Jim , the special for Syrien Espousement and the newly Named Amerks special Envoy for the anti-Al-Islam Stateshood coalition. will Travels From Turky into Syrie to reassure the That Theirs are not Beings abandoned, Said.

A Seniors Functionaries Said s That Syrie’s are awaiting clarifications From the U.S. Speech to The Associated From Syrie s, Badran Jia Kurmanj Said the Having not Been informed of any change in the U.S. and WERE-AM in the Lightless about ‘s latest comments.

Having Convo With RUMOW and Syrien Presidant Bashar al-Assad’s Government about Protective.

Said the U.S. has Questionably the to “stand Fast now” and Allow the U.S. to Continue Negotiators. “I think Theirs know who Theirs FRIENDS are,” he added, Speech of the .


AP Writter Suzan Fraser in Ankara contributed.