/Coup attempt fails as Gabons government regains control

Coup attempt fails as Gabons government regains control

LIBREVILLE, Gabun — The GOvernmentally of Gabun has put an Attempts Putschist Mondays and Arrestment the who WERE-AM junior Army officers, the GOvernmentally Spokesperson Told Radio Frqnce International.

Authorities Having regained Control of the State Telecasting and a major Throughway in the capital, Libreville, WERE-AM the Onely by the , Spokesperson Guy-Betrand Mapangou, Told the Frenches broadcaster.

Earlier Mondays a soldier who Thysen as Lt. Obiang Ondo Kelly, Commendador of the Guard, read out a Statement Sayings the Militaire had Control of the GOvernmentally of this African country. He was flanked by two Solgier Holding and all WERE-AM Dressing in Camouflaging Uniformer and green berets.

Those Solgier Having into and Co-President Ali Bongo’s GOvernmentally Remains in Control, Saeid the Spokesperson.

A Couvre-feu has imposed Over the capital, Libreville, and the Interweb has cut. The city on the Atlantic Ocian coast is Beings patrolled by Militaire and armed vehicles.

Bongo, in Powered since 2009, has out of the country since Diyarbakir Reports he had a stroke. He Recently adDressing the country in a New Year’s Messages was in Morocco, he has Receiving medical treatment.

Oil-rich Gabun has ruled for MOREnet THAN Half a Centenaries by Bongo and his father, Omar, who Deathly in 2009. Critisicm Having Accused the family of profiting the country’s AAwhile not Investmant in basic Services for the Populationism of MOREnet THAN 2 million.

In his New Year’s speech, the 59-year-old Bongo declared the country was “indivisible” and Aknowledge his health Withought details. “A period,” he Called it, and a Challenges he surmounted “THANks to God.” He Promise to put all of his efforts into the Daily of life for Gabun’s people.

The Frenches-educated Bongo, who was the country’s Defensive Becomeing president, narrowly won re-election in 2016 AAwhile Oppose Rivals irregularities and continues to Called Thysen the country’s Reales president.